Love NEVER Fails

In life, you need peace and love. When you have a lifetime partner to share that lifestyle with, it makes it so much better! My husband and I have been married going on 6 years. I wasn’t always the woman who wanted to be married or to have children, but there was something about him that attracted me more than anyone I have ever dated. He put God in EVERYTHING, which was and is still so important to me. I am thankful to be blessed in our marriage.

Everyone has a different lifestyle. I chose marriage to be a part of mine. The importance is to include happiness and to remember that Love NEVER Fails. It always wins! You can read more about our love story on our blog Cash and Spice.

My husband wrote a special song for me and created a home video. Not only did two people in love marry. We also married our businesses. I am a wardrobe stylist and used to be an artist developer and business analyst. He is a songwriter, multimedia strategist, creative director of many companies and radio guru. He wrote the song “Good Vibrations” and many others by Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch.  He started with the company BlackBerry Soul Radio and I gave him the idea to create a conglomerate of stations with the title BlackBerry Radio and voila! We now own over 100 stations with our BlackBerry Radio brand, with many different genres of music. Our non-profit radio stations teach people how to be Radio Personalities and support unsigned an indie artist.

Anywho, back to the video. This was one of the many sweet gestures my husband has done for me and I appreciate and love him for it! The song word for word describes how we met and fell in love. Make love a part of your lifestyle! Two hearts are better than one and don’t forget to visit our blog about marriage at I almost forgot!  If you like this song you can actually purchase it on Itunes.

Title: My Cashawna


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