Fashion & beauty isn’t about how you look on the outside but how you feel on the inside. I met Teresa about five years ago via social media, then we met in person while I was visiting Los Angeles during one of my wardrobe styling gigs. I’ve loved her and her peaceful way of life every since. 

Teresa aka Raw-T is a raw vegan, health enthusiast and all around wonderful person. She’s married to rock star Lonnie Jordan, founder of the band WAR. Although she doesn’t like labels, I will tell you that she is a great role model when it comes to the look and feel of healthy living. I remember hiking with her, smelling the fresh eucalyptus trees, picking fresh figs off the trees and her introducing me to raw vegan food! We spoke about positive energy and surroundings; advice I’ve taken heed to ever since.

At first, I wondered how uncooked food could even taste any good. I’ve tried Teresa’s Raw Vegan Pizza, Cauliflower Rice, Un-egg Salad, Kale Chips, Kale Salad and Green Juice. She sure puts her soul into the preparation & delivery of her beautiful food! When you eat raw, you just feel so refreshed, free and clean! You also look wonderful! 

She told me of this restaurant, Au lac, and I decided to try it during one of my visits to LA. I drank Macadamia milk with saffron, ate raw vegan style and even met chef Ito, who gave me one of his potions. He doesn’t speak. I enjoyed the raw vegan tostados so much, I took it on my flight back to the east coast.

Teresa is 59 years young and lives a very fun and free life! Check out what she has to say about being a raw vegan and living a healthy lifestyle!

1) Can you explain what it means to be a Raw Vegan? Being RAW Vegan means eating plant based food that has not been cooked. It can be dehydrated up to 118 degrees, to keep the Enzymes present .         

2) What are some of the benefits of being a Raw Vegan? I can’t speak for every person, but for me being a RAW Vegan brings lots of energy, great health, clarity, med & disease free. 

3) When did you decide it was important to transition into this healthier lifestyle and why? I never really had an ” unhealthy lifestyle “.,….I just learned more about how important food and exercise are to one’s health when I was in my 20’s, I studied, took action, and I evolved over the years. As the years have gone by I have watched some of my peers make different decisions with their lifestyles, that have made health challenges for them, and I decided not to go down that path.              

4) Was the transition difficult? No

5) Is it easy to be raw vegan in colder climate weather? Once again, I can only speak from my own experience. I live in California, and have thrived just fine as a RAW Vegan over the cold ( yes, it does get cold in California over the winter) winters. I also travel with my husbands band to cold climates on the east coast with snow. and thrived just fine on RAW Vegan food. Hot cooked food only ” warms” your body for a few minutes and then your body goes back to regular body temperature anyway.    

6) What advice do you have for anyone who is interested in becoming a Raw Vegan? Do a 5 to 7 day Green juice fast to rid your body of the cellular memory of meat, fish, chicken, and dairy.             

7) Do you offer raw vegan culinary classes? Do you have a recipe book? I only offer classes to personal friends because I teach out of my home. No, I don’t have a recipe book , but I am working on a book with my husband that will feature some of my Raw food dishes.       

8) What is something you want the world to know?We can heal our planet if the world were to go vegan! 

Be sure to follow Raw-T on instagram @rawtoeresa and be inspired to live positively, healthy, happy and clean!


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