I first noticed Gervel on social media five years ago. A beautiful, confident woman with natural curly hair and LOTS of hot, high fashion shoes, Gervel is clearly a fashionista. At first sight, I was immediately drawn in, and have followed her as she evolved in photography. Her technique and professionalism moved me to request an interview. Her perspective and point of view of the “surreal world down under” is amazing. Check out what she had to say:

1. What are some of the things that inspire you in your art of photography?

I get inspiration everywhere. My travels are a big source of inspiration. I love international magazines as well, and love seeing work of photographers from around the world. I’m also what I like to call a light seeker, I’m always looking at how the light is falling at a particular time of day, through a window, or how a shadow is cast, I’ll envision a subject in that light- there is not a day that goes by where I don’t see something that turns me on.

2.  How many years have you been a photographer? What got you started?

Officially I have been a photographer for almost 4 years. Unofficially all my life, I always liked taking pictures, and I was the person that always had a point and shoot camera handy.

3. One of the things that amazes me is your underwater photography! What image are you portraying in your underwater shots? 

Underwater…I love balancing reality and the surreal world down under. There is a peacefulness and freedom underwater- Once a client is comfortable their movements are fluid and I can capture movement that is not possible above water.

4. I notice you have a shoe fetish! Me too. Lol! What advice do you have for the fashionable woman who may not be able to afford highly priced designer shoes?

Yes! I love my shoes and yes they are so so expensive, high end designers are routinely charging 4 figures, way to much for me…so I am a SHOPPER, I go to all my local outlets i.e.. TJ MAXX, Saks off, Neiman Last call to name a few. I am patient and will wait. I don’t have to have the “it’ shoe when it comes out. Most of my nice shoes were purchased at 50% or more off…

5. What is some advice you can give to an individual who may be uncomfortable in front of the camera?

Yes when an individual is in front of the camera they are baring their soul. What I do first is talk with the person before picking up my camera and clicking. While they are in make up I will take fun shots and they start to relax seeing me snap here and there. Once the session has started if I see tension in the face I will stop and have the client just breath for a moment. My mission is to take the most beautiful portrait I can so I have to build that trust so I can get those authentic expressions.

6. What is something you want the world to know?

Follow your passion, whatever it is! It is never to late, just do it!

Gervel Sampson Photography is a worldwide company. To see more visit:


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