I absolutely love the New Year! Not just because a brand new year is beginning, but because of the sales that come along with it! I had my eye on this Eva Mendes dress I saw on the Wendy Williams show last year! It came out Spring of 2016 and reminds me of a retro dress from the 50’s. The Stepford wife look! In fact, Wendy Williams jokingly said she looked like a Stepford wife while wearing this beautiful dress on her show. The cost was about $80. at New York & Co. I kind of forgot about it and stumbled upon it while doing my New Year sales shopping. I found the exact same dress in white for $16.75. That’s right under seventeen bucks! I was overjoyed that they had one dress left and in my size! What are the chances of that happening? I haven’t had the opportunity to wear it because of the cold weather, albeit can’t wait to rock my new dress!

Fashion & style often recycle themselves. It doesn’t matter the dress is a season behind, just that it’s beautiful and looks gorgeous on!

Eva Mendes has done a wonderful job creating dresses for the smaller to the larger curvy woman! Her dresses fit me perfectly! They are classy and if you can catch a sale affordable! Generally, the price range for her dresses are $60-$100.. I lucked out with the sale I caught! The day and life of a fashionista!!


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