When I first started wearing make-up, the very first products I used were MAC. I love the look, texture and the vibrant, bright colors. Purchasing foundation; prep & prime; lipstick; eyeliner; eye shadow; and whatever else you may need for a beat face, could get can get costly. I also enjoy their recycle program. Trade in six used products; get free lipstick at any of their department store locations. At stand-alone stores, the trades are better and include free lipstick or eye shadow. My favorite stand-alone location is on Newbury Street in Boston, and of course the MAC locations in New York. 

Nowadays, I wear many different make-up products, but I absolutely love MAC lipsticks. Take advantage of their recycle program! 

I’ve tried two new lipstick colors this week and absolutely love them! For a while, I was stuck on “Hug Me” a very neutral color that appears as if you’re not wearing lipstick at all. This time I picked “Half-N- Half”, which is a springy, nude, slightly darker pigment than “Hug Me”. I absolutely love my new color! It’s light and gives off a really fresh look.

The next lipstick I chose was “New York Apple”, a red lipstick with a violet undertone. This looks absolutely beautiful on any set of lips. You get a decent red minus the loudness. Something very different than what I am used to purchasing. It’s good to be different, and to b able to change up your look every now and then. MAC’s lipstick is a great place to start. Choose your color and slay!


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