Rita G Photography

I had the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with the multi-talented Rita Granberry. You may know Rita as a former model, playboy playmate and video vixen featured in the Kanye West video “Flashing Lights”. I had the opportunity to see Rita in another light. I was drawn to some extraordinary photography taken by Rita and wanted to find out more about her talents. The more she talked the more intrigued and inspired I became!  To reiterate how talented Rita G. is; she has her own business as a photographer, stylist and designer. She believes in a healthy lifestyle while living as a vegetarian, has a background in the financial industry, media relations and has worked on wall street. A truly humble and diverse individual I must say. Never judge a book by its cover!…..and so the interview begins.

Out of all of your previous work what is your true passion?

I don’t really have a true passion. When you operate as exhausting your gift from God, you don’t have to work really hard. It’s all about knowing what you are good at and utilizing your talents for the better good. God has truly blessed me with many skills!

When did your career as a photographer begin?

I didn’t begin photography until I was the age of 29 years old. This particular skill wasn’t a childhood dream. I was thinking more in the corporate arena. The ability to take great photos and the opportunities came to me as blessings. I simply humbled myself to absorb those blessings.

What was your inspiration in becoming a photographer?

In my many years of being on the other end of the camera I would sometimes not like the end result. Also there is nothing worse than wasting a good outfit! I thought to myself who would be able to take organic pictures and envision my vision better than the subject herself. We as women have imperfections and don’t necessarily want them reflected in a picture being seen by the world. There are many great photographers out there, but I wanted more control over the end product.

Where did you learn the art of photography?

I have never had any formal training in photography. Every time I would model for a photo shoot I would ask many questions about lighting, cameras, lenses, etc. The photographers I worked with were more than willing to share the information. All of the photography application software was learned via online tutorials and the actual visual creativity and picture taking were self-taught.

What motivates you?

I would say that the risk of falling short motivates me to deliver quality at whatever I do. I am committed to excellence!

What advice do you have to give anyone who is interested in your career?

There are many types of modeling; video, print, runway, etc. I never really knew the definition of modeling until I became a photographer.  You require more than just a pretty face and sexy body to make it in this business. You must have the ability to use your face and body gestures to sell a product. If you cannot do this the industry does not accommodate you. Thick skin is a must or your feelings will get hurt. Be confident in yourself and realize what your natural gift is. Don’t try to become something that you are not and use your natural gifts to determine your career!

Rita G Photography is based out of Houston, TX. To see more of her work go to: www.ritagphotography.com


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